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World Cup Street Party

Posted by wan nah

A few more days to go will be the final of world cup, exciting match between espanol and netherland. Everyone over the country is awaiting for the arrival of this final match and this is when the people from all over the world gather together. I actually like world cup a lot when compare to the thomas cup and olympic because world cup not only provide exciting matches but also they function to gather lonesome, busy people from everywhere. Whether you are aware about it or not, they actually gather lonesome people such as those who work alone outstation, those who lost their parents and also those who do not come out for decades to interact with their friends due to busy in working. Well for me, I'm a super outgoing person who hang out a lot and of course world cup makes me hang out more. Last week, when I was watching the match between argentina vs germany, the mamak stall is so crowded and I actually saw a group of 3 youngsters of different races sitting in front of me. One of my friend then started to say that they are most probably from the orphanage. This statement makes me think deeply into it and i really felt that world cup does play a very meaningful role too besides of making some people to earn money but also to lose money. So, for me, i've found an amazing place to watch worldcup final with my friends. It is a place to gather and interact with everyone with fabulous enthusiasm where you can enjoy musics and entertainment before the match starts. Details are as follow:

Venue: Bangsar, Telawi 3.
Date: 11 July 2010
Time: Doors open at 8pm onward.
Admission: No admission fee.
Age limit: 18 and above with IC verification at registration point.
Main organizer: Out of This World
Main partner: Lotus
Co-sponsors: Twisties, Microsoft, P1 WiMAX, Unilever and Mountain Fresh

AND...............the most attracting event comes with 1000 PRIZES up for grabs, such as Ipod Touch, Digital Cameras, PSP, Mobile phones, Soccer jerseys, MP3 Players, WiMAX-Inside 4G laptops and many others. The grand prize is a Lotus Elise. How cool it is to win it. You could be the lucky winner.
During this event, there will be a massive giant screen to watch World Cups Finals LIVE. This world cup street party is a carnival like street party with Deejays, Singers, Dancers, Hip Hop Performances, Drum Troops and many more. Do expect to see beautiful people during the event itself. Do remember to check out P1 W1Max's booth during the event for exciting games and freebies to be given away.
Hurry up and make yourselves available during this particular date and time. Last but not least, remember to print out the flyer below to redeem a FREE DRINK VOUCHER at P1 WiMAX booth. While stock last.

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The Loaf

Posted by wan nah

The Loaf which located in Pavillion, Bukit Bintang can also be found now in Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya, just opposite to the Subang Parade Shopping Centre.

I saw this chocolate croissant as I am having a window-shopping in Empire Gallery when I was working in Subang Parade and of course, it caught my attention..

The chocolate croissant from The Loaf..RM4.90

It is a crispy croissant filled with melted chocolate, most suitable for chocoholics!!

and also..

The Mixed Nut Croissant..RM4.90

This is highly recommended for the nut lovers.

I love it very much too even I'm not at all a nut lover.


Pavillion and also in The Loaf Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang
from 10am to 10pm

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No Sweat

Posted by wan nah

Why does human beings undergo perspiration (sweats)?

And why does these sweats smells stink..

Perspiration is a heat expelling process arise from the normal body system to expel excess heat so that the body system functions normally. Apart from exercising, perspiration also occurs during normal activity such as sleeping, sitting while playing computer, walking and etc. During fever, the body will also tends to lose heat by the perspiration process to mantain normal body temperature for body's overall activity to funtion well.

However, some people tends to smell stink even after light exercise. The story behind this was because the sweat contains steroid compounds, the 16-androstenes, they are especially exist when there is a profuse sweating in the groin and armpits. As we know, bacteria tends to grow in humid places, therefore those places where it is easily sweat will have been inoculated with bacteria and these bacteria will act on the sweat hence convert it to those smelly steroid-like compounds and lastly, release their distinctive smells.

Thus, it is seen that products such as deodorant of different brand names were sold to help people from getting rid of those stinky odor. From here, I highly recommed ADIDAS ACTION 3 product which they have their unique new generation for 3 main action:

1) 24hr protection against perspiration

2) Odour protection

3) Superior moisture control adidas Action 3 leaves no white marks so you can wear it with confidence.

With this product, athletes can undergo optimal performance while guaranteeing superior protection and dryness all day long. IT IS JUST LIKE NO SWEATS!!!

Personally I really think that this is a very suitable product for me as I likes to go for outdoor activities as well as to play different kinds of sports. Hmm..I will grab one soon..hehe

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions

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My Favourite Surfing Spot

Posted by wan nah

Everyone is talking about internet and high technologies stuff in the era of modern century. Well, that of course include all of the ages of people such as the elderly, kids, children and especially youngsters. In my opinion, most of the elderly people tend to surf net about investments, kids about games and cartoons, whereas for the youngsters, they tend to surf various types of specialties which include almost everything about entertainment. For me, I do have my own favourite surfing spot which I will surf almost everytime when i'm there, and it is in my own room. As soon as i reach my room, the first thing that comes into my mind is to on my laptop and access to the email and facebook. I really think that facebook was a great success as most of the youngsters tend to apply their own account so that they can access to their friend's account and interact with each other. Besides, facebook also plays a major role in finding friends which had not been contacted for a long period, that would probably be friends from primary school, kindergarten and also from secondary school. I choose my room as my favourite spot because it is the most comfortable place to do everything such as to watch movie while eating and to laugh loudly, to lay down when i wanted to and to also dig nose, painting my nails, and etc. Apart from that, I will also surf to different types of games such as the Texas Pocker, Restaurant City, Pet Society, Bejeweled and etc. These games are of course suitable to be played by the people of all ages. I of course have my own favourite game to play and it's been changing eveyrtime. The use of facebook not only provide information about friends, it also help us to catch up with the stuff that friends are really up to and of course to get to know how they are doing recently.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Posted by wan nah

Everyone has their own dream..

Dreaming is a healthy things to do because without dreams, one will not have their own target to achieve..whether it's a dream that is impossible or that is possible to fulfill, both are dreams..
As for me, I admit that I like to dream..(Pisces always do that), but I really wish that my dreams will come true..and THERE'S AN OPPORTUNITY here whereby I can fulfill my dreams.

The first dream I would want it so much is to have a vacation to Rome, Italy..and of course I would like to go with my partner..so, of course it's a vacation for 2..
Rome is the capital of Italy and has been famous for it's historical places located around the city. Besides, Rome is also widely known as one of the world's most beautiful ancient cities. I love visiting historical places and was very fascinated by the sculpturing and ancient buildings that is impossible to produce by the people living few thousand years back. Imagine they do not have any high technology machineries and yet, the sculptures and buildings built were out of imagination, some were unable to even build by the high technologies existed now. Besides, these ancient buildings can even last until now...it's so amazing that we don't even know how they built it.

Places that I would like to visit is the famous Eternal City that includes..

Colosseum_ Rome_ Italy

The Colosseum, which is one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and Roman engineering that is able to fit 50,000 spectators to watch the gladiatorial games.


Pantheon, a Roman Temple which built thousand years back.


Voltaire's statue and tomb in the crypt of Pantheon


The Crypt

Located in the Pantheon is The Crypt and The Voltaire's statue and tomb in the crypt of the Pantheon.


The highlights of Vatican City, Bascilica di San Pietro.


The beautiful sculpture, Michelangelos Pietà in St. Peters Basilica


Roman Forum

spanish square and barcaccia fountain - rome

Spanish Square and Barcaccia Fountain



Vatican Museum

aventine hills

The Aventine Hills

castel st angelo

Castel St. Angelo which featured in Angels & Demon

baths of caracalla

Baths of Caracalla

piazza navona

Piazza Navona

st maria del popolo church

St. Maria del Popolo Church

the former railwat station in CM, now converted into a museum

The former railway station in Campo Marzio which is now converted into a museum.


and the one which cannot miss it!! The leaning tower of Pisa..

Vacation to Rome has been a very expensive thing to do because of the conversion of $$$...
But, the statues, sculptures and buildings were really amazing that I'm so attracted to it and if financial is not a problem to me, I would definitely fulfill this wish..

Besides of having fascinating vacation, the most important thing during the vacation is to have a DSLR camera which able to capture a high definition quality of pictures..and this can be done by using the D90 Nikon camera..Therefore, my second dream is to have a D90 Nikkon camera to bring it along to my vacation to capture memories and the amazing buildings, sculptures and scenery..

I'd been dreaming for this camera long time ago because I like to take photo alot as it represent the things and places I'd been through..photos are able to capture memories so that it is remembered!!

d90 nikon

The D90 Nikon DSLR Camera

and the last dream for me is to have a Louis Vuitton handbag..
it's an every women's dream to own a Louis Vuitton handbag..if I am able to own a Louis Vuitton handbag, I wolud like to have a Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton handbag of the product ID of M42426...

lv bags M42426


Lastly, I hope I'm selected to participate this Tiger Run as it is a real opportunity for me to fulfill my dreams in a healthier way..

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Langkawi Trip: Upon Departure

Posted by wan nah

It was a school holiday trip to Langkawi since I've never been there while at the same time, I had a Genting Voucher of 3 days 2 night stay in Langkawi for RM348 for 2 person including breakfast.



Flight tickets were booked one week before the trip and OF COURSE, it was expensive with the price of RM540 for 2 tickets..




The Awana Porto Malai Resort is a Mediterranean inspired resort with ocean views which located at Pantai Tengah. Services and facilities were well organized besides of having wide range of accomodation. The most attracting thing is that they have a broadwalk where the views of the Pregnant Maiden Island can be delighted. Island hopping, night fishing trips and private boat rides can also be arranged as they have their own port.


The amazing ocean views..


The deluxe king sized-bed hotel room

2:23 AM

Langkawi Trip: Underwater World

Posted by wan nah

Traveling around Langkawi is either by car or taxi. Car rentals were available at the Langkawi airport with wide ranges of price according to the car you may want to rent. Basically, the cheapest car (kancil) was rent at a rate of RM90 for one day without petrol.

Well for us, we planned to take taxi because we were the first-time visitors there and were so afraid that we will be lost. Taxi to our hotel cost RM22 and the rate of taxi to respective destination was not dependant on the meter but on the rate fixed by the government itself. Anyone who charge higher than the respective price can be sue.

After the arrival at Awana Porto Malai Resort, it was about time to have lunch as our stomach were starving..

Since we were not familiar with the place, therefore, we took a taxi ride to the chocolate duty-free shop which we have seen during our journey to the resort. Taxi ride from our resort to the duty-free shop cost us about RM6. We then walk around there and chose to stop by at the Restoran Kampung Siam.



The Thailand Style Fried Kuetiau


Thailand Style Pineapple Fried Rice

Besides, we ordered the Thailand Style Mango Salad which is very spicy and soury..
The coconut drink was very fresh and sweet~


As you can see for the last picture, a weird look of me appeared because....yea, I'm too full!!


Foods were scattered around the table...foods for 2 person only and we actually manage to finish it!!


and that's the price for our lunch~

After our lunch, we went to the Underwater World, Langkawi which located within walking distance from our restoran. Entrance fee to the Underwater World for Mykad residents were RM18. Besides of having various types of animals, performances by the penguin, sea lion and shark-feeding can also be seen.



The weird creature...which I also don't know what is that...haha





Tricking those penguins for food...


Foolind around in the souvenir shop..

After visiting the Underwater World, we walked around the duty-free shop. Langkawi was best known for its duty free liquors and chocolates and it is really cheap!! I am a chocoholic and that's why lots of chocolates were bought from there..and since the liquors were duty free, everyone is only allowed to bring 1 litres across the kastam. As for us, we bought a Martell which cost RM360 and a Merlot Red Wine which cost RM59.


Photos in duty free shop..