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Langkawi Trip: Underwater World

Posted by wan nah

Traveling around Langkawi is either by car or taxi. Car rentals were available at the Langkawi airport with wide ranges of price according to the car you may want to rent. Basically, the cheapest car (kancil) was rent at a rate of RM90 for one day without petrol.

Well for us, we planned to take taxi because we were the first-time visitors there and were so afraid that we will be lost. Taxi to our hotel cost RM22 and the rate of taxi to respective destination was not dependant on the meter but on the rate fixed by the government itself. Anyone who charge higher than the respective price can be sue.

After the arrival at Awana Porto Malai Resort, it was about time to have lunch as our stomach were starving..

Since we were not familiar with the place, therefore, we took a taxi ride to the chocolate duty-free shop which we have seen during our journey to the resort. Taxi ride from our resort to the duty-free shop cost us about RM6. We then walk around there and chose to stop by at the Restoran Kampung Siam.



The Thailand Style Fried Kuetiau


Thailand Style Pineapple Fried Rice

Besides, we ordered the Thailand Style Mango Salad which is very spicy and soury..
The coconut drink was very fresh and sweet~


As you can see for the last picture, a weird look of me appeared because....yea, I'm too full!!


Foods were scattered around the table...foods for 2 person only and we actually manage to finish it!!


and that's the price for our lunch~

After our lunch, we went to the Underwater World, Langkawi which located within walking distance from our restoran. Entrance fee to the Underwater World for Mykad residents were RM18. Besides of having various types of animals, performances by the penguin, sea lion and shark-feeding can also be seen.



The weird creature...which I also don't know what is that...haha





Tricking those penguins for food...


Foolind around in the souvenir shop..

After visiting the Underwater World, we walked around the duty-free shop. Langkawi was best known for its duty free liquors and chocolates and it is really cheap!! I am a chocoholic and that's why lots of chocolates were bought from there..and since the liquors were duty free, everyone is only allowed to bring 1 litres across the kastam. As for us, we bought a Martell which cost RM360 and a Merlot Red Wine which cost RM59.


Photos in duty free shop..


vkvun said...

hey, the unknown one is sea urchin. hehe. seem like u are enjoying yourself

wan nah said...

lol..seems like you are more pro than me..thanks =)

vkvun said...

haha. thats wat you get from watching a lot of tv and movie and drama. haha

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