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Langkawi Trip: Upon Departure

Posted by wan nah

It was a school holiday trip to Langkawi since I've never been there while at the same time, I had a Genting Voucher of 3 days 2 night stay in Langkawi for RM348 for 2 person including breakfast.



Flight tickets were booked one week before the trip and OF COURSE, it was expensive with the price of RM540 for 2 tickets..




The Awana Porto Malai Resort is a Mediterranean inspired resort with ocean views which located at Pantai Tengah. Services and facilities were well organized besides of having wide range of accomodation. The most attracting thing is that they have a broadwalk where the views of the Pregnant Maiden Island can be delighted. Island hopping, night fishing trips and private boat rides can also be arranged as they have their own port.


The amazing ocean views..


The deluxe king sized-bed hotel room


Jard The Great said...

wow.. clear pictures.. ehehe

wan nah said...

thanks Jard~

Nikel Khor said...

wah..nice trip with cheap air asia..i wan too...tell me when got promotion

Nikel Khor

ai wei said...

hehehe, i know how to nang liao. :)

wan nah said...

@ Nickel..sure
@ai wei..lolx..finally!!

~Live Life~ said...

That's really expensive for Air Asia...last minute escapade?

wan nah said...


Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

Langkawi is a little too hot for me.
Remembered the last trip I went.
5 days there & I keep bar hopping. XD

vkvun said...

hey, long time din go there d. good for escaping away from the city, provided your wallet is full. hehe

♥Baboon♥ said...

Hi there! Langkawi is a nice place for liquor and duty free shopping! =)

anyway the places at there is very cool too!

sabahking said...

i love langkawi too but after i come to sabah i think sabah 's beach is better than langkawi !!

Wen Pink said...

wahhh so romantic go Langkawi with bf.. just the two of u in the same room.. hahahah :P joking joking.. but the price is really good.. for 2 pax! good one!

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