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11:29 PM

Chocolate Lounge

Posted by wan nah

Chocolates are among the woman's favorites; i'm a chocolate lover especially for dark chocolates, the darker the better. The taste of dark chocolates with high contents of cocoa are out of word description; sweet bitterness is the main description for dark chocolates but in my own opinion, there's also a fusion of slight sour taste.

Last week, I came across to one of my friend's facebook post where the location was at chocolate lounge, one utama and i was so surprised that there's such place whereby the store only sells chocolate and is everything about CHOCOLATES!! Chocolate pancakes, waffles, ice creams, drinks with different types of chocolates and etc.

i was so excited that on the week itself, i went there and CAN'T WAIT TO GET THERE!! it's like a heaven to me!!

Belgian chocolate produces one of the finest chocolates in the world and it is said that they are the best in the whole world. Guess i'm very picky about the chocolates that i want and because of that, i found out that cheap chocolates don’t give the taste that I always look for in a chocolate. Not to say that cheap chocolates are not good but we can actually get the satisfaction by just paying a little bit more.


This is the place..



With the Belgian chocolate dip, everything has changed into heavenly delicious


The Belgian Dark Chocolate drink..superbly chocolerato~



The snow white drink is a Belgian white chocolate drink, those who love milk chocolate, this is the right choice.
Fair lady is a Belgian chocolate drink blended with mocha..choice for those who neither like dark chocolates nor white chocolates.

thanks to the waiter there who took this photo for us and thanks to my beloved friends who accompanied me..