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5:53 AM

Random Jack Daniel's Day..

Posted by wan nah

It was a random suggestion by Lilean and Gideon to drink the left over liqour one month ago when I had to rush for my lab report. In the end, all of us (housemates) drank and shows stunt during that midnight.

Many photos were taken but i was not allowed to show as those were really stupid photos..what a great housemates I had..




Depressed fella..


when the jack daniel's effect came along..:p



CAUGHT!! (dramatic fells)


At the end of the night, most of them were sleepy with blushing faces..what an enjoyable night..

4:43 AM

Sudden Port Dickson trip..

Posted by wan nah

Invited by my housemate suddenly who said wanted to go Port Dickson on last Saturday when I was at the moment, practicing dancing for the pharmacy prom night. I promised her to go whereby one of her friend drove there. I actually thought it was just for a makan trip when her friend suddenly said that she wanted to play kite..

We departed at about 345pm and reached there at about 5pm. Then, we went to the public beach to buy the kites which cost RM5 for one..





After playing kites, it was about 6pm and the wind started to slow down and the people there started to keep their kites..
We then decided to go for a seafood restaurant for our dinner which leaded by our friend who stayed there..and the restaurant was called as tian tian seafood restaurant..amongst the famous seafood restaurant.


the famous curry fish..




It was around 830pm after our dinner and we went to our friend's house which located nearby the restaurant. While waiting for their parents to come back so that he can drive his parent's car to lead us out to the highway, we had a short conversation in his house. And before leaving his house, his grandmother gave us half a dozen of dragon fruit which planted by them..

Thanks to jason's auntie for the Dragon fruit and also to Jason for becoming the tourist guide..It's very tasty..:p

9:42 AM

Its not about the model anymore

Posted by wan nah


I spotted this light few months ago during my Chinese New Year shopping with housemates in Pavillion, KL. It is very artistic light as it was made of culinary..can u see that?? with forks, spoons and etc..
Even the model besides it is handsome, but he is not important anymore..