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3:05 AM

Jogoya, Starhill

Posted by wan nah

Japanese buffet has been spreaded all the while and those that were the well-knowns including Tenji, Jogoya, Yaki yaki, Sasaki and etc. On my birthday, I was invited to have a Japanese buffet in Jogoya, Starhill and it was a treat from my housemates.











All of us were so full on that day..Thanks to all of my housemates, those who accompanied me and those who wishes and gave me gifts as well..thanks to all..It was an amazing day..

7:33 AM

KL Towerthon 09

Posted by wan nah

KL Towerthon was held on the 3rd March 09 with the distance of 1km and 2058 step ups. I participated in the Women's Open Category in which there were only 500 limited places for this category. We reached there around 7am and it was already crowded by participants. Breakfast of fruit cakes and tea were provided followed by the early morning stretch activity before the race. It was divided into 3 batches for the Men's Open Category with 15 minutes apart of each consisting of 300 participants. The first batch started around 815am and followed by the 2nd and 3rd batch. Women's Open category started at around 9am.


Me, wui yan and her friend..


These were the bunch of Wui Yan's friend in which it's my firstly met friends. All are marathon runners with the nice body in professional attire..Most of them refuse to wear the shirt provided, including me because the shirt was extremely big for me!!
Before the Women's Open category starts, DJ was there to talk about the event and I was shocked that there was a little girl with the age of 4years old, successfully finished the race within 40 minutes time and her coach runs up and down the stairs for 20 times continuously.


After finishing, lunch and goody bags were provided along with the KL Tower shape mineral water.