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Christmas Hi-Tea Buffet, (Halia)Bukit Kiara

Posted by wan nah

A special day for everyone with public holiday...the Christmas Day

Celebration for Christmas is not a must for everyone but for me, I had one..which was having Hi-Tea Buffet in Halia, located in Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara. It was a decision made by my mom since she realized that it's been a long while for us to gather and have a buffet.

My mom booked the place just 2 weeks before Christmas Day, with 3 of us, my mom, dad and me; because of that, I have to made myself available eventhough I really have a lot of 'self-activities' with my friends. That morning was a suffer to me because on christmas eve, I'd made myself drunk after partying at 'The Opera' and was not able to wake up on the next day. Forcefully, I keep reminding myself about the Hi-Tea and get myself awake with the feeling of still wanting to vomit..



Surprisingly, I saw the gifts and the 'party hat' on the table and I feel so great about it...there was a gift for me..hahaha..and i'm awake!!


Naughty parents who are still playful took the hat and wore it..and i was so shocked that my dad actually walk around to take the foods with the hat still on his head..and my mom just wear it for me to take photo..playful parents..>.<"


Besides, there was a clown who made toy balloons in that buffet area too..the clown was a fast balloon maker who can make different types of toy including those ghost buster's gun..it's really huge..


The first food that caught into my eyes was this stack of salmon slice..


and there it goes by the Chritmas Must Food, TURKEY..it taste so delicious especially with the black pepper sauce. Well, there's really a difference between the chicken and the turkey besides of its size; turkey actually taste smoother than chicken especially with the chicken breast meat.


Next food that caught my attention, the Oven Baked Beef..
I did not taste it as I don't like to eat beef, but for those who likes to eat beef alot, I think this will caught your attention too..it's a very healthy food because it is oven baked.


Shrimp in the glass with mayonnaise ( I did not taste it too, allergy to prawns)

The artistic carved fruit..


Lastly, the Christmas Desserts..with the blackforest cake, chocolate mud cake, oreo cheese cake, different types of cookies, ice creams and etc.

In addition to that, there's also variety of foods such as lamb chop, spaghetti, fruits with chocolate topping and etc.


and that's the bill for 3 person..with the address and telephone number in case if you want to go..

6:44 PM

Boston Baru, Klang

Posted by wan nah

Boston Baru, located in Klang Town is a very famous Chinese restaurant which known by almost everyone who lived in Klang due to their delicious foods served.
It is a highly recommended place to eat almost every Chinese foods.



Hokkien Char Mee


Singapore Fried Meehun


The most famous Lala, served deliciously with its taste that fused well with white wine. Beside of having great taste, you can notice that each of the shell has Lala in it, that was the most interesting part that they don't cheat.
Highly recommended food to try and almost everyone who came ordered this Lala.


Char Kuey Teau


A very well known food here too..must try..

Beside of serving delicious foods, their price also range cheaply. With all the foods we ordered, all of the medium size with 5 types of foods that can fit 6 peoples stomach completely, it only cost RM60 including drinks.

10:38 PM

Societe Cafe and Wine Bar

Posted by wan nah

Had my lunch with my mother in Societe Cafe and Wine Bar, Lot 10 few days ago after following her to meeting in JW Mariott. I was sleepy at that moment but since it's to accompany my mother, it was my pleasure.




Ordered by my mother, the Thailand Coconut Drink and Tang Hun
The Coconut Drink was sweet enough with the fresh sensation
Tang Hun was nice too.


Recommended by my mother, the Sago Mango Fruit Delight was worth it's price as it contains a lot of mangoes and sago..which contains in its evaporated milk, mixing all of it rpoduces great taste.


Colonial Red House Maryland Chicken Chop


Together with its great environment, lunch on the day itself stimulates me to awake since i was sleepy.