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10:38 PM

Societe Cafe and Wine Bar

Posted by wan nah

Had my lunch with my mother in Societe Cafe and Wine Bar, Lot 10 few days ago after following her to meeting in JW Mariott. I was sleepy at that moment but since it's to accompany my mother, it was my pleasure.




Ordered by my mother, the Thailand Coconut Drink and Tang Hun
The Coconut Drink was sweet enough with the fresh sensation
Tang Hun was nice too.


Recommended by my mother, the Sago Mango Fruit Delight was worth it's price as it contains a lot of mangoes and sago..which contains in its evaporated milk, mixing all of it rpoduces great taste.


Colonial Red House Maryland Chicken Chop


Together with its great environment, lunch on the day itself stimulates me to awake since i was sleepy.



Dream Blog@Yennie said...

is the nice yummy!?
goin to be food blogger soon la..two of us!

sabahking said...

really really nice photo for the food. how was the price sure very expensive right?

wan nah said...

yennie: lol..cuz only manage to blog bout food..
soon will be trip..hehe

wan nah said...

sabahking: the food there ranges for 30/person including drinks..it's quite ok though

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