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Boston Baru, Klang

Posted by wan nah

Boston Baru, located in Klang Town is a very famous Chinese restaurant which known by almost everyone who lived in Klang due to their delicious foods served.
It is a highly recommended place to eat almost every Chinese foods.



Hokkien Char Mee


Singapore Fried Meehun


The most famous Lala, served deliciously with its taste that fused well with white wine. Beside of having great taste, you can notice that each of the shell has Lala in it, that was the most interesting part that they don't cheat.
Highly recommended food to try and almost everyone who came ordered this Lala.


Char Kuey Teau


A very well known food here too..must try..

Beside of serving delicious foods, their price also range cheaply. With all the foods we ordered, all of the medium size with 5 types of foods that can fit 6 peoples stomach completely, it only cost RM60 including drinks.


ai wei said...

this one quite famous ooo. have yet to try

Dream Blog@Yennie said...

went twice with my bf...
very nice...^^ especially the lala

iena said...

yummy... i'm here...;)

Nikel Khor said...

wah..dun make me hungry..not yet eat lunch now lor

CyberBlogger said...

i very like.. food..
seem so delicious...
visit me in here

sabahking said...

nice food !! what is the name of the last food ? look very strange !!

kotajepara said...

Great food and great blog......

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