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8:22 PM


Posted by wan nah

Finally i am able to update my blog after 2 months of laziness and business!!
For my whole semester break starting from the end of may, i really did a lot of stuff..going to many places.

Eventually, all the things and places that i did was about the same, nothing special..the special one was the Perhentian Trip..and the rest were drink, club, shop, cinema, mamaking and then drink again, club again and etc. I really do enjoy the Perhentian Trip well because..on that day we depart, i received a message from my coursemate telling me that my final exam result was released and i was unable to check since i was in the car and on my way to the jeti...And also i was afraid that i had to take supp paper or fail..but then everything was fine and so i can enjoy my trip to the fullest.. Besides, i also stays at home to watch hong kong drama series since my mom bought a lot of drama series from a shop which is going to close down. All of these hong kong series~es makes my eyes swollen..=p

Father's Day was okie as my dad was here to have dinner together with us since he's always in Indonesia for working. Few weeks passed and i'm now in cheras to meet one of my housemate since he came back here to visit us from Johor. After this was the Transformer show..haha..I've booked the tickets and it's really hard to get it since everyone were looking forward to watch it.

That is all for my holiday and I am going back to Klang tonight again to continue my playing~