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9:59 PM

No Sweat

Posted by wan nah

Why does human beings undergo perspiration (sweats)?

And why does these sweats smells stink..

Perspiration is a heat expelling process arise from the normal body system to expel excess heat so that the body system functions normally. Apart from exercising, perspiration also occurs during normal activity such as sleeping, sitting while playing computer, walking and etc. During fever, the body will also tends to lose heat by the perspiration process to mantain normal body temperature for body's overall activity to funtion well.

However, some people tends to smell stink even after light exercise. The story behind this was because the sweat contains steroid compounds, the 16-androstenes, they are especially exist when there is a profuse sweating in the groin and armpits. As we know, bacteria tends to grow in humid places, therefore those places where it is easily sweat will have been inoculated with bacteria and these bacteria will act on the sweat hence convert it to those smelly steroid-like compounds and lastly, release their distinctive smells.

Thus, it is seen that products such as deodorant of different brand names were sold to help people from getting rid of those stinky odor. From here, I highly recommed ADIDAS ACTION 3 product which they have their unique new generation for 3 main action:

1) 24hr protection against perspiration

2) Odour protection

3) Superior moisture control adidas Action 3 leaves no white marks so you can wear it with confidence.

With this product, athletes can undergo optimal performance while guaranteeing superior protection and dryness all day long. IT IS JUST LIKE NO SWEATS!!!

Personally I really think that this is a very suitable product for me as I likes to go for outdoor activities as well as to play different kinds of sports. Hmm..I will grab one soon..hehe

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8:57 PM

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Posted by wan nah

Everyone is talking about internet and high technologies stuff in the era of modern century. Well, that of course include all of the ages of people such as the elderly, kids, children and especially youngsters. In my opinion, most of the elderly people tend to surf net about investments, kids about games and cartoons, whereas for the youngsters, they tend to surf various types of specialties which include almost everything about entertainment. For me, I do have my own favourite surfing spot which I will surf almost everytime when i'm there, and it is in my own room. As soon as i reach my room, the first thing that comes into my mind is to on my laptop and access to the email and facebook. I really think that facebook was a great success as most of the youngsters tend to apply their own account so that they can access to their friend's account and interact with each other. Besides, facebook also plays a major role in finding friends which had not been contacted for a long period, that would probably be friends from primary school, kindergarten and also from secondary school. I choose my room as my favourite spot because it is the most comfortable place to do everything such as to watch movie while eating and to laugh loudly, to lay down when i wanted to and to also dig nose, painting my nails, and etc. Apart from that, I will also surf to different types of games such as the Texas Pocker, Restaurant City, Pet Society, Bejeweled and etc. These games are of course suitable to be played by the people of all ages. I of course have my own favourite game to play and it's been changing eveyrtime. The use of facebook not only provide information about friends, it also help us to catch up with the stuff that friends are really up to and of course to get to know how they are doing recently.

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