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8:01 PM

Raodblock at Sunway at 12am..Seat Belt

Posted by wan nah

Yesterday, I went to Sunway Pyramid for countdown. It was a wonderful day because we didn't spent much and yet get to see the fireworks. It was untill after the fireworks, my friend called to tell us that there was a roadblock, to check whether the people on the passenger seat put on their seat belt. Can you believe it?? It was just after 12am and New Year's Eve..first day of 2009!! The police were so EFFICIENT that just after 2008 they MANAGE TO DO THEIR JOB in which supposingly I have to say that they just use this opportunity to trap those who drunk and forgotten of the seat belt matter so that they can get some EXTRA money. So people out there, please please remember to put on your seat belt if you do not want to give them any EXTRA money!!


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