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Naked Party in Johor

Posted by wan nah

Did you come across with any e-mails saying that there will be a naked party in Johor, Malaysia on New Year's Eve?
Two days ago, I came across to this chinese news saying that there will be a naked party in Johor on New Year's Eve. This party cost RM250 for each participant and there will be requirements for them to attend.

1. Men who want to attend must be below age of 40 years.
2. Males must be naked without the undies during the party.
3. Females who want to attend can only wear panties and must be a G-string panties without tops.
4. At the end of the party, females will have to take off their G-string panties.

Well, The Star had came across to this news and managed to get in touched with one of the contact person who named herself as Ida, a woman.
Ida demanded for a deposit of RM100 to be banked in before that party for them to confirmed their name on it. She said that there were already 200 females who took part and they were lack of males, some of the females came from Malacca and colleges from Kuala Lumpur. Liquor and accomodation will be provided with a cost of nominal sum. Further questions from The Star people makes them suspect and they just hang up immediately.

With all these information, it is suspected to be planned by con men.

1. Why would they want the deposit to be banked in before the party if it's going to held?
2. Malaysia is a very conservative country, could this party be held?
3. They didnt even state anything about the location of the party.

Anyone who banked in their deposit of RM100 to them, all I can say is, you gained an experience from that.


ubey said...

females came from Malacca. i believe most of them is uitm malacca student.

wan nah said...

hehe..i don't know much..just listen to the news on TV..by the way, i am curious of why do you say so??

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