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10:04 AM

Long Roti Tissue from Sri Melur

Posted by wan nah

It was late at night when we went to this mamak store, Sri Melur which introduced by one of my friend who said that their roti tissue is long and tasty..

So, we just ordered it and give it a try..


It was so funny when this mamak guy send us the roti tissue..and he even asked if I wants to snap a photo of him..and then he just posed..:p


There's even one which hanged over near the counter..to attract customer's attention..lol


It was very tasty and in the end of the day, we ordered 2 because it was too delicious..


Baby said...

i ate once such a long roti tisu

Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

Oooh looks good!

ai wei said...

i din know u have a blog til i found this!!!

this place is cool, where it is ar?

wan nah said...

this is in klang..:p

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