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Recently,Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant has been spreaded through emails and blogged by numerous food bloggers. I was there 2 weeks ago with my beloved friends in which our gathering took place. It was a treat from my friend, Pearlyn who came back from Australia with the intentions to gather 5 pretty girls together which includes me..:p Few days before, we tried to make a reservation but we were informed that it's full house for the next few days. However, we tried our luck that day in which we didnt get to make any reservation and it happened to be that we were in the waiting list and we managed to get our seats there. Well, the promotion offered was RM49.90++ per person for the lunch buffet, 11.30am till 4.30pm or RM29.90++ per person for the first hour and added of RM10 for the subsequent hours. We took the RM49.90++ and added with Yee Sang which cost only for RM18. For the Dinner buffet, RM88++ was charged per person and a discount voucher of RM50 will be given for immediate use for every 2 diners. Tenji was offering this promotion until the 17th of Feb 2009 and it was said that the promotions was in the full house state until the 15th of Feb and the recent promotion was changed to RM55++ per person for the luncheon buffet.


Can you see that??
It was so crowded..


Yeap, the oyster was so damn BIG....and delicious and....juicy!!

The mini steamboat

added Yee Sang, RM18


There were lots of cakes and pudings and deserts and it also includes ice-cream, which was from the Hagen Daz..
eat All You Can and whatever you want..
served with fruit juices, coconut drinks, various types of teas and etc..



5 pretty girls...haha


Reservation contact:
1700 80 1818 open at 11am



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